Down-home Style, from Our Farm to Your Table

There’s good ham…and then there’s farm-fresh ham. Browning’s Country Ham is cured for up to 13 months, achieving an unforgettable flavor
that simply can’t be replicated. Unlike other hams, Browning’s isn’t overly salty—just rich, wholesome, and cured to perfection.

Whether you’re hosting a formal dinner party or just having the family to Sunday supper, Browning’s ham, bacon, cheese, biscuits,
and other succulent selections give your guests a warm country welcome while catering to the most discriminating tastes.

With every product we offer, we’re committed to delivering ultimate freshness, full-bodied flavors, and premium quality—from our farm to your home.

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Country Ham
Cooked Center

Perfectly aged for every bit of a year, our fully cooked, boneless Country Ham Cooked Center is perfect for your Derby parties.

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Browning's Country Ham & Cheese Pillows

Browning’s Country Ham & Cheese Pillows

Recipe of the Month

This month’s recipe features Browning’s mouth-watering Country Bacon in a Sunshine Casserole. It’s the perfect treat for your Sunday brunch or any morning shared with family and friends.

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