Brownings Has Bundles!

Did you know that Browning’s has Bundles?

Several Bundles have been added to website to make shopping a little easier, enabling you to choose and stock up on your favorites.

Country ham sausage bacon

Browning’s Best

Try Browning’s Most Popular Bundles

Biscuit Cut & Center Cut Country Ham Bundle – mix of biscuit cuts and center cuts

Bacon Combo Bundle – 10 pounds of Country Bacon & Applewood Bacon

Country Sausage Bundle – 10 pounds of Grandma Babe’s Hickory Smoked Country Sausage

Best of Browning’s Bundle – a package of country ham, bacon and sausage

Check out the full list of bundles we offer.

Stock Up for a Party or Freeze for Later

Need to stock up for a party? Need to send a great holiday gift? Buy now, throw a huge shindig, freeze some to use later, or share it out among friends and family!

All these bundles qualify for reduced shipping rates. We can schedule the order to arrive whenever you desire and include a note or holiday card.