Country Ham for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one month away (and Christmas is only 2 months out, believe it or not!). We hope you are making plans for that Thanksgiving meal with friends and family.

Dodge the Turkey Shortage this Thanksgiving

Ham is always a great option for your holiday dinner, but maybe never more so with a projected shortage of turkey looming on the horizon. On the other hand, Browning’s has plenty of ham in stock for your celebration of Thanksgiving.

Browning's City Ham Spiraled Side ViewTry Browning’s Country Ham Instead

Browning’s Country Ham has four hams available to complement your holiday table:

  1. Traditional Country Ham, not cooked and not sliced for the DIY folks
  2. Boneless Cooked Country Ham, which can be purchased whole to carve at your table, or sliced thin or thick.
  3. Holiday Ham, is precooked and spiral sliced form.
  4. City Ham, which also comes precooked and spiral sliced for folks looking for a non-salty version of our country hams.

Place your order today to ensure that your Thanksgiving guests get the best that we (and you) have to offer.